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About us


Specitec SA

SpeciTec is a software editing company for Banks, Industries and Services. The company was founded in Geneva (Switzerland) in 2004 by Philip Smith (former senior manager at KPMG).

Thanks to our stable, experienced and reactive team, we propose many dedicated and innovative software to the business area and our software are easily customizable. Furthermore, SpeciTec means "Specific Technologies". For each solution we study the market, the new regulations and business requirements of our clients to find best solution at a competitive price.

Presence of the company

SpeciTec is based in Geneva (Switzerland) and through our partners, we are present in Zurich, Luxembourg, the USA, Singapore and Hong Kong. Thanks to the cooperation with Canon, Microsoft and Dell, we can also work in other different countries.

Growth of the company

The company is managed and operated by our team in Geneva and all our software are developed in Switzerland. We wish to keep the company at a human scale with respect of people and the environment. Our success is dependent on our excellent partnerships with our clients and also thanks to our reliable software. Today our solutions are used in Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia.

Our strengths

We offer good solutions at competitive prices covering a large scope of needs. Thanks to our professional services, we can coordinate and integrate our software in your environment. In addition, our clients are our main supporters, many thanks to them !

We look forward to welcoming you in our offices and sharing your projects!

Philip Smith
Managing Director