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DELL - Direct Partner

DELL - Direct Partner

Dell, one of the largest PC manufacturers in the world, has built its reputation on its direct model, whereby Dell deals directly with end users and businesses. Now Dell has formed their Partner Programme.
The program, Dell PartnerDirect, marks a major shift in strategy for Dell, which was founded as a direct sales vendor and has used that approach to become a leader in the personal computer and server markets.

Despite Dell's reputation in direct sales, the company has 30,000 partners who resell its products and services. The Dell partner program has three broad goals: to certify thousands of partners in at least one of six practice areas, to increase its registered partner base and to grow its business from partners faster than the company average.
Certified partners must also meet specific practice area requirements, have the appropriate third-party certifications, submit to a review of their business processes and demonstrate knowledge of Dell products and services.

Specitec SA has been a Dell Direct Partner for the last 10 years.

Dell Direct Partner