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Lombard Credit Monitoring software

SpeciCred is a centralized platform dedicated to manage your credit with a risk based approach.

It allows you to monitor your credit with a powerful collateral allocation module including concentration capping, netting/offsetting rules, exception to policy, limit excess and pledge allocation.

SpeciCred provides you with a full overview of your portfolio, including a credit application module to simulate clients’ situations.


  • Credit monitoring tool
  • Collateral analysis
  • Pledge allocation
  • Stress test and simulation
  • Breach management control
  • Limit excess control
  • Netting / Offsetting rules
  • Strategies
  • Exception To Policy
  • Currency haircut
  • Concentrations
  • Credit request, workflow driven
  • Mortgage and insurance module
  • Key Performance Indicator
  • Flexible parameterization
  • Live mode module.

CRM, KYC, Suitability, onboarding & AML

SpeciVIM is a complete KYC solution designed for private banks. It aims to cover all business needs and provide you all functionalities to have a 360° view of your client by centralize all client data and interactions in one software. Create, manage, track and follow your client at each step of his lifecycle: from the on-boarding (traditional or digital) to the automatic exchange of information.

All in one suite

CIF, KYC, CRM, AML, Hit, Visit Report, Action, Fatca, Dowjones, Client Knowledge, Risk Investment Profile, Blacklist, Campaign, Tax Profile, Suitability, Client On-Boarding On IPad, Digital signature, ...

Quick implementation

Implement this suite very easily, already interfaced with most of the existing core banking.


We provide live API on our software in order to fully integrate the solution in your environment

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Mobile Banking

"Be where your customers are"

The rise of new information and communication technologies and the increasing use of mobile and digital platforms have introduced major changes in the way people access banking and wealth management services. While personal face-to-face relationship remain essential in private banking, mobile banking is shown to be unavoidable.

For that reason digitalization is a full part of a growth strategy, especially in the private banking industry.

Customers, Managers

Cross platform solution with native apps for the best experience of your customers and managers

Real time data

We provide real time data access with live 24/24 of the solution. No downtime

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  • MROS reporting tool
  • Automatic Exchange Of Information software
  • Banking profitability
  • FX Portfolio & Options management
  • Bloomberg query requester
  • Banking document management system

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Franck Oliger

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