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SpeciBCS - Barre code system


SpeciBCS is a software designed and developed by SpeciTec to manage production orders.

SpeciBCS is easy to install and to use.

The new software is proposed at a very competitive price.

Software Challenge

SpeciBCS is a Windows and web application used on desktop, laptop, tablet & smartphone Windows and hand-held terminals.

  • Human/Machine
    • Human-Machine availability management
    • Human-Machine availability management
    • Recording of the quantity to be produced
    • Pausing time management
    • Parameterization of the production orders characteristics (humans and machines)
  • Planning
    • Production order creation and follow-up
    • Nomenclatures management (finished or half finished products)
    • Nomenclatures management (finished or half finished products)
  • Traceability
    • Deployment and reliability improvement (full Web solution)
    • More simple and flexible for the user
    • Integrity check and alerts management
    • Production follow-up dashboard for workshop Chiefs
  • SAP
    • Data may be transferred to SAP PP
  • Clients

    All Industry which monitor and control production orders.
  • Categories

    Hand-held terminals, production orders, production times, production follow-up, nomenclatures management, SAP PP
  • Project Budget

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  • Platform

    Fat client & Web based
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