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SpeciCRM - Customer’s requests


SpeciCRM is a software designed and developed by SpeciTec to manage customers’ complaints and inquiries.

SpeciCRM is easy to install and to use (Web).

The new software is proposed at a very competitive price.

Software Challenge

SpeciCRM is a full web solution.

  • Input/Output channels
    • Phone
    • Chat
    • Letter
    • Email
    • Website form
  • Claim or inquiry form
    • Help for data entry
    • Client answering facility (auto answers)
  • Knowledge base
    • Thesaurus
    • Keywords
  • Search module
    • Multi-criteria analysis
    • Mass answering
  • Dashboards
    • Overview activity
    • To do list by collaborator
  • Integration with telephone system
  • Statistic module
    • KIP
    • Website statistic
  • Website
    • Integration in your website
    • Web form
    • Chat
    • Auto answer for the collaborator
    • FAQ
  • Clients

    All customer support which manage customer’s complaints and inquiries.
  • Categories

    Customer support, chat, statistics, client complaints, client inquiries, website, customer care, knowledge base, thesaurus, dashboard, FAQ, auto answer, multi-criteria analysis, Mass answering
  • Project Budget

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  • Platform

    Web based
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