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SpeciDAS - Data Capture system


SpeciDAS is a software designed and developed by SpeciTec to capture data on pdf document.

SpeciDAS is easy to install and to use.

The new software is proposed at a very competitive price.

Software Challenge

SpeciDAS is Windows application (on PC, Laptop, Tablet Windows).

  • PDF form
    • Existing pdf documents' archiving without modification or alteration (for example ISO documents)
    • Avoid the storage of printed documents (paper)
    • Avoid the re-creation of the draft documents
    • Documents management
  • Ergonomic & mobility
    • Possibility to work on tablets or PC
    • Ergonomic for simplify the entry forms composition
    • Helped input
  • Traceability
    • Store input data in a database
    • Check integrity and manage alerts during the data input
    • Dashboard management
    • Import data to SAP (optional)
    • Profiles and access rights management
  • Clients

    All society which use pdf documents (like ISO document) and need to record data on it.
  • Categories

    Pdf, ISO document, SAP, traceability, mobility
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SpeciDAS SpeciDAS