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SpeciDCT - Decision Tree

SpeciDCT - Decision Tree

SpeciDecisionTree is a new software designed and developed by SpeciTec to allow an efficient and user-friendly way to configure, compute and monitor all your decision processes. Its generic design allows you to use it for all your dynamic decision processes.

SpeciDecisionTree is easy to install (Web and Webservices) and to use with all other softwares and databases.

The new software is proposed at a very competitive price and can be linked to SpeciVim to compute the dormant account status of each client according to your needs.

Software Challenge

Aims to fit the needs of configuring, computing and monitoring all your decision processes :

  • Fits with all your decision processes
  • Quick and easy to use and integrate in all your existing software
  • Fast batch processing technology
  • Possibility of remote execution with webservice access
  • Existing integration with Specitec products :
    • Determines the importance of each forms in SpeciCOF
    • Determines the dormant status for each account in SpeciVIM
  • Clients

    Generic design allows it to meet any client’s needs.
  • Categories

    Workflows, generic, decision process
  • Project Budget

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  • Platform

    Web based
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