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SpeciERP - Web ERP


SpeciERP is a software designed and developed by SpeciTec to manage the production processes. It facilitates information flow between all business functions and manages connections to outside stakeholders.

SpeciERP is easy to install (Web) and to use. It includes overview of financial dashboard.

SpeciERP is available in 3 languages (French, English and German).

The new software is proposed at a very competitive price.

Software Challenge

SpeciERP is a Web light ERP.

  • Orders follow-up
    • Orders entry with assistance (clients/suppliers)
    • Accounting integration (link with SAP : module FICO, optional)
    • Multi-sites distant access
    • Manage clients and providers from the order to the invoice
  • Stocks management
    • Production flow analysis for raw materials, finished products and packaging optimization (dashboard)
    • Stock alerts management
    • Management of lots and splits numbers
    • Lapsing dates, stocks areas management
  • Production management
    • Production orders creation and follow-up
    • Production processes automatization introducing the mobility concept (industrial terminal, tablets, smartphones,…)
    • Nomenclatures management (finished and half-finished products)
    • Print sales statistics
    • Analysis tools used by the top management (management control, cost killing, time tracking).
  • Quality follow-up
    • Computerization of non-compliance records
    • Entry control points integration and automatization
  • Commercial follow-up
  • Quality follow-up
    • Commercial data collection on mobile devices (tablets, particularly iPad,…)
    • Qualitative and quantitative analysis to support the management of activities and the implementation of action plan
    • Optimization of commercial resources
    • Manage the pricing lists by clients/providers
  • SAP Link
    • Links SAP (clients/providers,…)
    • Links with FICO SAP
    • Data upload in SAP and setting the quality gates (optional)
  • Clients

    Industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry…
  • Categories

    Production order, client order, nomenclature, accounting integration, client, supplier, FICO, SAP, Production processes, input and output transactions, storage management
  • Project Budget

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  • Platform

    Web based
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