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SpeciVIM - KYC / CIF / AML / CRM / Suitability / iPad On-boarding

SpeciVIM is a KYC solution designed for private banks.

It aims to cover all business needs and provide you all functionalities to have a 360° view of your client. Create, manage, track and follow your client at each step of his lifecycle: from the on-boarding (traditional or digital) to the automatic exchange of information.

SpeciVIM is composed of 10 modules, offering you modularity and flexibility in order to help you build your tailor-made CRM solution.

SpeciVIM 360 degres - KYC - DMS - AML - CRM - Investment - Tax - Onboarding client

SpeciVIM 360 degres - KYC - DMS - AML - CRM - Investment - Tax - Onboarding client Centralize all the client data and interactions in our software

SpeciVIM 360 degres - KYC - DMS - AML - CRM - Investment - Tax - Onboarding client Designed to be used by each function, each department (central file, compliance, client service)

SpeciVIM 360 degres - KYC - DMS - AML - CRM - Investment - Tax - Onboarding client Fully parametrizable workflows it acts as a support to automation and process


Client onboarding on iPad

Go one step further with digitalization and deliver the right onboarding experience to your client!
This application has been designed to automate the onboarding process and help the wealth manager focusing more into value-adding activities.
It offers a large rang of flexible functions, including a Decision Tree to deliver a tailored experience to your client, based on its profile and needs.
By reducing the manual tasks, this module allows you to onboard your client withinin 2 minutes. Even without internet connexion!

client onboarding on ipad - banking software - 2mins onboarding banking software - ID card recognition - document scanning - automatic information fill-in - intelligent documents generation - integrated Q&A - Digital signature
Suitability module

Suitability module

3rd January 2018: Application of MiFID II and MiFIR

Following the issues exposed by the global financial crisis, MiFID II aim to increase the efficiency and transparency of the European financial markets.The module helps you fulfilling MiFID II (LEFin / LSFin) suitability requirements.

Suitability - assessment tool - controlling tool - portfolio analysis - prc-prg - portfolio monitoring - client knowledge and experience - client investment profile - breach alert

Suitability attempts to protect investor and ensure that investment firms act in client’s best interest by:
  • Ensuring transparency
  • Identifying risk
  • Croviding a product that match the investor’s needs and objectives
  • Controlling the client's portfolio accordingly

An independent approach to calculate PRCs
  • The risk classification is taking place at the final stage based on a risk metric that incorporates market, credit and liquidity risks, providing a finer summary of instrument’s risk.
  • Incorporates rules that can restrict PRC changes to avoid changes due to noise and ensure stability on a daily basis whilst still allowing PRC

2 engine solutions

In partnership with Edge Lab and Raise Partner.

Edgelab       Raisepartner

KYC module

KYC module

For a constant insight of your client from on-boarding to periodic review. This software will help you fill-in your due diligence and automate your KYC policy.

KYC software - Know your client -

This module allows you to manage each step of the customer validation:

  • Record the particular data of the account holder and his relationships (beneficial owners..)
  • Define his investment profile
  • Register his preferences
  • Screen PEP (person is politically exposed) and watch list
  • Customize rules and parametrize your acceptance process in a very flexible way
  • Automatic PEP / watch-list screening

CRM module

CRM module

A unified customer database to have a 360-degrees view of your client.
By gathering all the client data in one system, this modules assist you in managing all interactions with your client, scheduling actions, building campaigns and keeping an history. Let your RM focus on valuable activities!

CRM module - Visit management - campaign management - commercial management - software for RM -

This module allows you to manage each step of the customer validation:

  • KYC Review
  • Client Birth date
  • Passport expired
  • Missing document
  • Visit validation workflow
  • Client watch list
  • Action report

AML module

AML module

Decrease your risk and compliance program!
A module to help you establish and enforce compliant processes.

CRM module - Visit management - campaign management - commercial management - software for RM -

A complete AML tool to assess risk in a dynamic and static way:

  • Score your clients with customizable rules (corruption index, asset size, activity, PEP, blacklist..)
  • Hit transactions ex-ante/ex-post with parameterizable rules and alerts
  • Manage the validation workflow
  • Hit documentation

DMS module

DMS module

Therefore - Document Management System in partnership with Canon

Installed in more than 400 companies in Switzerland, ThereforeTM is now integrated for the private banking industry.
It allows you to manage the client opening process, the client documentation, outgoing mail, hold mail and many more functionalities.
An information management system suited for managing any type of information: paper and electronic documents, including emails, spool files, images and even videos can be stored, shared, and processed in a secure, user-friendly manner.

Capture, organize, and access all your content and business-critical information and benefits from business analytics tools to enable even better oversight of your business processes!

Fully integrated to SpeciVIM, ThereforeTM will allow you to store and index documentation by adapting the best practice.
The combination of SpeciVIM and ThereforeTM is the best way to manage:

  • Client opening process, storing client documentation such as passport, Form A, client opening form, signatures, pledge agreement, etc
  • Mailing process by capturing all new anonymized documents to be sent to the client such as statements, tax statement, client information letter, cash/stock exchange statement, etc
  • define an advanced client customization by defining the type of document at which frequency for several number of copies

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