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Canon Therefore

Therefore - Document management system

Installed in more than 400 companies in Switzerland, ThereforeTM is now integrated for the private banking industry. Directly linking to our software SpeciVIM it allows you to manage the client opening process, the client documentation, outgoing mail, hold mail and many more functionalities.

ThereforeTM is an enterprise-grade information management system suited for managing any type of information. Paper and electronic documents, including emails, spool files, images and even videos can be stored, shared, and processed in a secure, user-friendly manner.

ThereforeTM allows you to capture, organize, and access all your content and business-critical information. In addition, ThereforeTM offers business analytics tools to enable even better oversight of your business processes!

Therefore DMS

SpeciVim provides several modules for:
  • Client Opening Form
  • KYC (Know Your Customer)
  • Central Information File (CIF)
  • Anti Money Laundering (AML)
  • Client Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Client scoring
  • Transaction check (HITs)
  • Transfer orders
  • Client documents management
  • Holdmail
  • Documents mailing

Fully integrated to SpeciVIM, ThereforeTM will allow you to store and index documentation by adapting the best practice.

The combination of SpeciVIM and ThereforeTM is the best way to manage:
  • Client opening process, storing client documentation such as passport, Form A, client opening form, signatures, pledge agreement, etc.
  • Mailing process by capturing all new anonymized documents to be sent to the client such as statements, tax statement, client information letter, cash/stock exchange statement, etc.
  • Fully integrated to SpeciVIM the system allows you to define an advanced client customization by defining the type of document at which frequency for x number of copies.
  • Hold mail module allowing you to print documents not yet seen by the client and by storing the status of the “bien trouvé” signed by the client.
  • Anti-Money laundering module allowing to clarify specific transaction, by inserting client clarification such as contracts.
  • CRM module allowing you to record contact made with the client such as email, attached document, visit report, etc.

Bank’s users and administrators alike will appreciate this unique solution based on CRM and Compliance functionalities and a powerfull EDM: an intuitive user interface, flexible workflows, high-powered search engine.

Therefore DMS

ThereforeTM and SpeciTec managements agreed to enter in a partnership during the second quarter of 2015.

As per the partnership agreement SpeciTec is empowered to resell and to integrate ThereforeTM EDM system.

Therefore DMS