Software Challenge

SpeciBLOTTER aims to fit the following needs :

  • Calculates profit and loss by portfolio (pure trading, customer trading, banking book) by trader and by desk
  • Checks intra-day limits and generates alerts
  • Holds positions and valuates every minute the different portfolios
  • Provides Trading journal
  • Automates the booking in the core banking package
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Risk requirements for SpeciBlotter

Creation Journal of FX transaction:
  • FX : spot, forward, swap, analytical trades, options, internal trade
  • Including time:
    • TCO: Time Client Order
    • TAP: Time Agreed Price
    • TBT: Time Booking Transaction
  • Price deviation: Spot price of the contract Vs Spot price of the market
Counterparty limit:
  • Calculation of the Volume limit including special conditions
Stop Loss limit (based on transaction and/or positions)


Group of limit (position and Stop Loss) Group limit for the trading room


Calculation of the P&L on the ALM book (without interest)

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