SpeciVIM is a complete KYC solution designed for private banks. It aims to cover all business needs and provide you all functionalities to have a 360° view of your client by centralize all client data and interactions in one software. Create, manage, track and follow your client at each step of his lifecycle – from on-boarding (traditional or digital) till automatic information exchange.

All in one

CIF, KYC, CRM, AML, Hit, Visit Report, Action, Fatca, Dow Jones, Client Knowledge, Risk Investment Profile, Blacklist, Campaign, Tax Profile, Suitability, Client On-Boarding on IPad, Digital signature and more


We provide live API on our software in order to fully integrate the solution in your environment

Quick implementation

Easy and efficient, already interfaced with most of the existing core banking

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Enhance your client onboarding experience

VimCo has been designed to help private banking and wealth management to deliver best-in-class onboarding experience. As a customer-centric application, it provides an automated smooth and fast onboarding process to the client while allowing the Wealth Manager focusing more on adding value activities.

  • Risk investment profile assessment
  • KYC and SOW module
  • Automated process
  • Intelligent prefilled forms generation
  • ID Card Recognition and document scanning
  • Integrated Q&A
  • Digital signature

SpeciCRS - AEOI - CRS Software

SpeciCRS software has been edited to meet the AEOI (automatic exchange of information) requirements agreed between OECD members. It allows you to generate the common reporting standard XML file. Thanks to its generic interface, you can plug this tool on any core banking or even on flat file (Excel, CSV, etc.). It is an integrated module of < SpeciVim suite , an innovative software which offers all functionality to have a 360° vision of your clients.

XML Generator

Submit easily your suspicious activity reports (SARs) to the Money Laundering Reporting Office Switzerland MROS

An expert partner to complete and submit reporting forms to MROS (Fedpol)

Following the introduction of a new data processing system by MROS, Specitec is developing a solution to generate easily your XML suspicious activity reports (SARS), ready to be submitted to MROS via goAML portal.

SpeciSAR helps you generate reports in the process and structure defined by MROS by retrieving, mapping and converting necessary information from your banking system.

This tool offers a comprehensive electronic filling process and ensure a high degree of data completeness. Furthermore, it allows you to track and monitor the progress of you SAR, in order to facilitate the follow-up of each case (real match/false match) and ensure the traceability.


This solution allows you to:

  • Perform suspicious activity reports (SARs) easily by respecting MROS specifications and process
  • Ensure completeness of data
  • Submit transaction details electronically
  • Meets the technical requirements for automated reporting via XML file
  • Manage easily complex and extensive suspicious activity reporting cases
  • Track and monitor the progress of SARs case
  • Benefit from a complete software solution offering a high level of security, anthentification and treacability
  • Cover your full AML process in completion with SpeciVIM features (KYT, transaction hits, blacklist, etc.).

Compatibility: this solution can be used as a stand alone application or with speciVIM.

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