SpeciERP is a software to manage the production processes, to facilitate information flow between all business functions and to manage connections to external stakeholders.

Software Challenge

This software is a Web light ERP available in 3 languages (French, English and German).

    • Orders follow-up
      • Orders entry with assistance (clients/suppliers)
      • Accounting integration (link with SAP: module FICO, optional)
      • Multi-sites distant access
      • Manage clients and providers from the order to the invoice
    • Stocks management
      • Production flow analysis for raw materials, finished products and packaging optimization (dashboard)
      • Stock alerts management
      • Management of lots and splits numbers
      • Lapsing dates, stocks areas management
    • Production management
      • Production orders creation and follow up
      • Production processes automatization introducing the mobility concept (industrial terminal, tablets, smartphones,…)
      • Nomenclatures management (finished and half-finished products)
      • Print sales statistics
      • Analysis tools used by the top management (management control, cost killing, time tracking).
    • Quality follow-up
      • Computerization of non-compliance records,
      • Entry control points integration and automatization
    • Commercial follow-up
    • Quality follow-up
      • Commercial data collection on mobile devices (tablets particularly iPad,…)
      • Qualitative and quantitative analysis to support the management of activities and the implementation of action plan
      • Optimization of commercial resources
      • Manage the pricing lists by clients/providers
  • SAP Link
    • Links SAP (clients/providers,…)
    • Link with FICO SAP
    • Data upload in SAP and setting the quality gates (optional)

Customer Claim Management

SpeciCRM is a complete and intelligent solution to handle a large volume of customers claims and inquiries within an intuitive interface. This solution is featured to optimize your customer service process and assist your commercial agents with automated processes.


    • Input / Output channels: Phone, call back request, letter, email, website form, chat, chatbot
    • Efficient and customized workflow distribution
    • Automated classification of claims
    • Client answering facility: automated reply based on content recognition
    • Knowledge base, standardized answers, best practices, Thesaurus
    • Mass answering
    • Dashboards with activity overview
    • To do list by collaborator
    • Statistic and KPI module
    • Integration in your website
    • FAQ

This software is a light solution for exchanging data with SAP world.

It is a Windows application, easy in installation and use, proposed at a very competitive price.

Software Challenge

  • Using the BAPI RFC protocol (SAP standard) SpeciBUS manages inbound data (such as supplier lists) and outbound data (such as inventory valuation) for all platforms and mobile devices
  • Link your web applications, Windows© or mobiles with SAP
  • Configure BAPI SAP in order to catch the data for exploiting
  • Propose a dashboard/reporting tools: ergonomic, interactive and customizable
  • Prioritization, security, audit trails

The SpeciBNC software is to manage non-conformity sheets. It is a Windows application used on desktop, laptop, tablet & smartphone Windows, easy in installation and use, proposed at a very competitive price.

Software Challenge

  • Production
      • Input non conformity sheet
      • Data stored in a database
      • Data validation
  • Tools
      • OCR
      • Non conformity : pictures shoot and save
      • Scan
      • Drawings and diagrams
      • Statistics report
  • Ergonomic & Mobility
      • Work on tablets or PC
      • Ergonomics simplify the input on tablet, with or without a stiletto
  • Traceability
      • Profiles and access rights management
      • Non conformity sheets status management
      • Priorities management
  • SAP (optional)
      • Link with SAP PP

SpeciBCS is a software to manage production orders. It is a Windows and Web application used on desktop, laptop, tablet & smartphone Windows as well as hand-held terminals. Easy in installation and use, proposed at a very competitive price.

Software Challenge

  • Human/Machine
    • Human-Machine availability management
    • Recording of quantity production
    • Pausing time management
    • Parameterization of the production order characteristics (humans and machines)
  • Planning
    • Production order creation and follow-up
    • Nomenclatures management (finished or half finished products)
  • Traceability
    • Deployment and reliability improvement (full Web solution)
    • More simple and flexible for the user
    • Integrity check and alerts management
    • Production follow-up dashboard for workshop chiefs
  • SAP
    • Evenvetual data transfer to SAP PP

SpeciMBC is a software to respond to business partners’ professional needs in managing contact information.

This modern application, available on different platforms such as iOS, Android or Windows phone, scans business cards through your smartphone or tablet camera. It offers the possibility to export information of your contacts to the device itself or to the ERP of your company and aims to input information of your contact in a few seconds by using widely used technology such as OCR, NFC, RFID, QR code.

Software Challenge

  • Super-fast treatment (less than 2 sec)
  • Recognizes several languages (including Asian languages)
  • Easily integrated with your mobile Ecosystem
  • User-friendly interface
  • Works offline (no Internet connection needed)
  • Works well in different light conditions

SpeciDAS is a software to capture data on PDF documents. It is a Windows application (on PC, Laptop, Tablet Windows), easy in installing as in using and proposed at a very competitive price.

Software Challenge

  • PDF form
    • Existing pdf documents’ archiving without modification or alteration (for example ISO documents)
    • Avoid the storage of printed documents (paper)
    • Avoid the re-creation of the draft documents
    • Documents management
  • Ergonomic & mobility
    • Possibility to work on tablets or PC
    • Ergonomic for simplify the entry forms composition
    • Helped input
  • Traceability
    • Store input data in a database
    • Check integrity and manage alerts during the data input
    • Dashboard management
    • Import data to SAP (optional)
    • Profiles and access rights management

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