Make accessible Intranet applications into Extranet platforms

From Intranet to Extranet

SpeciHUB aims to facilitate the access of intranet platforms through a single web and mobile application within a fully secured environment.


  • Native application - Compatible for any iOS or Android devices
  • Responsive web portal
  • To profit of the overall solution benefits, Specitec can transform your intranet platform into a mobile friendly platform
  • Biometric ID authentication :
    • Fingerprint scanning
    • Facial recognition
    • No time wasting in case of forgotten password
  • User space parameterization
  • Push notification
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  • Security
  • Traceability
  • Accessibility
  • Standard protocol
  • Fully secured and parametrizable authentication access
  • No Master Device Management (MDM) or VPN needed
  • User friendly portal design
  • Personalized app branding
  • Easy access via public application stores

Access to all business applications within a single tool

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