This solution helps you generate reports in the process and structure defined by MROS by retrieving, mapping and converting necessary information from your banking system.

  • Be compliant with MROS specifications and process
  • Ensure completeness of data
  • Submit activity report and transaction details
  • Manage easily complex and extensive SARs cases
  • Track and monitor the progress of SARs case
  • Benefit from a high level of security and traceability

Main functions

  • Importing and storing all client, relation, person, account, transaction and documents via Excel, via Views and API
  • Manual adjustment of data missing for each communication
  • Compile documents for each communication of suspicion before sending to MROS
  • Generation of proper data into an XML file ready to send to MROS via goAML (double validation)
  • Audit trail
  • Management of access rights and use

Easy to use, Web application facilitating compliance tasks before sending it outside the Bank


More information about the introduction of a new data processing system

From 01.01.2020 financial intermediaries will no longer be allowed to submit SARs and other information to MROS via fax or post. Instead, information will have to be submitted exclusively via the new data processing system

The definite system that will go live from 01.01.2020 is expected to be available to financial intermediaries for registration from November 2019. All financial intermediaries are required to register by 31.12.2019.

From this date, all transactions must be submitted electronically in goAML. This means it must either be filed manually in its entirety or generated automatically and transmitted using an XML file.

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