Client Onboarding Software for Private Banks

Go one step further with digitalization and deliver the right onboarding experience to your client!

This digital onboarding application has been designed to automate the onboarding process and help the wealth managers focusing more into value-adding activities. It offers a large rang of flexible functions, including a decision tree to deliver a tailored experience to your client based on its profile and needs. By reducing the manual tasks, this module allows relationship managers to onboard their client within 2 minutes, even without internet connection.

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Key Functions

Key Benefits

Banking KYC Software

For a constant insight of your client from on-boarding to periodic review. This KYC module helps you fill-in your due diligence and automate your KYC policy.

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This module allows you to manage each step of the customer validation:


  • Record the particular data of the account holder and his relationships (beneficial owners..)
  • Define his investment profile
  • Register his preferences
  • Screen PEP (person is politically exposed) and watch list
  • Customize rules and parametrize your acceptance process in a very flexible way
  • Automatic PEP / watch-list screening

Anti-Money-Laundering Software (AML)

Decrease your risk and compliance program! A module to help you establish and enforce compliant processes.

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A complete AML tool to assess risk in a dynamic and static way:

  • Client scoring with customizable rules (corruption index, asset size, activity, PEP, blacklist..)
  • Blacklist module (client population screening, transaction screening with Dow Jones)
  • Transaction hits ex-ante/ex-post with parameterizable rules and alerts
  • Transit account with rolling period
  • Outflows (transfer mobile, hold transaction)
  • Inflows (swift capture, hold transaction)
  • Manage the validation workflow
  • Hit documentation

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