Automated smooth and fast client onboarding


  • Faster Onboarding Process
  • Better customer experience
  • Automation forms selection and fill-in
  • Fully parametrizable
  • Multi devices access for clients and wealth managers
  • User friendly with responsive design



    • Risk Investment Profile assessment
      Automated selection and generation of required forms. Fully configurable by the bank, this function takes into account the client profile and needs. 
    • KYC and SOW module
      Intelligent and automated selection and generation of required forms based on the client profile and needs. View projected cash flow in a timeline display with ability to view detailed cash flow transactions 
    • Automated Process
      The Decision Tree included in the app has preconfigured rules that define account roles, private and business relationship and generate related suitable forms.
    • Intelligent prefilled forms generation
      VimCo generates prefilled forms ready to be signed and. Forms could be modified manually if needed.
    • ID Card Recognition and Document scanning
      Scan quickly and easily all the documents needed. Pref-fill automatically all the forms with the client ID data. 
    • Integrated Q&A
      OECD referential, regulations rules, Internal processes, product presentation at a glance. 
    • Digital Signature

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